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Emergency meeting – what to do on ‘Day X’

December 4, 2010

The government has announced that the vote on increasing tuition fees for students in England will take place on Thursday 9th December.

Weeks of protest have been leading up to this crucial political turning point, and the student movement across the UK is gearing up to try and put the most pressure on the Con Dem coalition.

Glasgow Against Education Cuts has called an emergency Glasgow wide meeting on Sunday 5th December, from 2-5pm upstairs in the Piper Bar on Cochrane Street (on the corner of George Square near the City Chambers.)

We want to have a mass meeting of students and staff from every school, college and university in the city to work out how we can plan action in Glasgow to take part in a nationwide day of protest.

Please come down and add your voice to making a safe and effective plan for how we can protest. The draft agenda with some of the things we need to discuss is below

Provisional Agenda (to be decided):

What on the 8th?
What on the 9th?
Likely policing
Adverse weather conditions

Invite EVERY student and staff member you know. The meeting is open to all, so please come down even if you’re not currently involved in education but want to help. See you there!

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