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Walkout against fees and cuts this Thursday

December 6, 2010

This Thursday (December 9th) the UK government is bringing its plans to increase tuition fees to up to £9000 a year to parliament to be voted on.

Across the country students will be protesting this attack on our right to education. In Glasgow, we’ll be organising protests to show that we reject cuts, and that we stand in solidarity with English students facing fee increases – because we know if they get away with it there we’ll be next. We’ll also be demanding that the scrapping of EMA is overturned.

We need YOU to walk out of your school, college or university this Thursday, and join us from 12pm on the Royal Concert Hall steps at the top of Buchanan Street. We want to show the government they can’t get away with stealing our future. If you’re a worker in the city centre come out and join us on your lunch break.

Over the next couple of days we want to try and take leaflets and posters for the protest to as many of Glasgow’s places of education that we can cover. Please download them, print them off and use them. Let us know where’s been done. If you have any time to spare then get in touch and let us know. Invite everyone you know to come and be part of it, spread the word far and wide.

This is the big one. Let’s make sure they know we’re angry.

Leaflet for December 9th

Poster for December 9th

A4 Vodaphone Fact Sheet

A4 Philip Green/Arcadia Fact Sheet


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