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Glasgow Uni occupied against fees & cuts!

December 8, 2010

The occupied theatre space

At 1pm this afternoon, around 100 students and university staff occupied the G12 Gilmorehill theatre at Glasgow University.

Students from schools, colleges and unis from across the city are now in attendance and preparing to spend the night in the occupied space.

The students have released the following statement:

We, the occupants of Glasgow University, made up of past and present students ofeducational facilities across Glasgow, offer our support and backing to all those resistingthe current government’s ideological attack on our public services and the welfare state.

As a predominantly student led movement we act in solidarity with: other students inoccupation across the country; teaching and administrative staff facing redundancies andfunding cuts; and the next generation of students, who will be hit far harder by these cutsthan ourselves.
We also recognise that the attacks on education are part of a wider attack on the welfarestate. These cuts disproportionately target the most vulnerable members of society andare instigated by a coalition government acting without a democratic mandate. We standin solidarity with workers, the unemployed, pensioners and all those who will be adverselyaffected by our government’s proposals.
We offer our support to all those across Europe facing similar cuts as we recognisethat these problems are not confined solely to Britain. We believe a fairer alternative ispossible.
This is only the beginning. Our demands are as follows:
1. No privatization of our university, or any universities.2. No businessmen on the University Senate.3. Support for students victimized by the police.
4. A statement of active lobbying for completely free education, education from tax,not personal contribution.5. That the Universtiy provides a forum for discussing and fighting the logic of cuts.6. That the University acts on behalf of students and staff, not as their unelectedmanagers.
The Glasgow University Occupation

Follow the occupation on twitter & facebook and come to tomorrow’s city-wide demonstration – 12pm at Buchanan Street!

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