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Student activists join bank protest

January 21, 2011

On Thursday morning members of Glasgow Against Education Cuts were among a group of protesters who occupied RBS offices in Glasgow to protest against the massive bank bonuses that their senior management are set to  pay themselves.

Around 20 people entered the offices, including students, environmental campaigners, pensioners, unemployed people and low paid workers. Once in various people took turns on the megaphone to explain why they were there while we put up banners and placards. The occupation had been planned by the group Citizen’s United, who have already been busy showing the banks what they think of their behaviour with several actions last year.

Banks, including those that have been nationalised with massive payouts of public money, are set to pay out £7 billion in perks to their bosses. Their greed is directly related to the massive cuts to the services that we rely on – our money was what kept them in business.

The protest was an excellent opportunity for students to link up with other groups of people fighting against the cuts and for a better society. More unity in action is clearly the way forward. The next couple of chances will come next week. On Monday it’s the second national day of action against benefit cuts. People will be traveling through from Glasgow to help protest against ATOS Origin, who are a private company that assess benefit claimants to try and force people who are ill or have a disability back into work, no matter even what their own doctor says. The protest is at their Scottish headquarters in Livingston from 10am, we’ll add travel details soon.

Following that on Saturday 29th we’ll be joining up with trade unionists from Defend Glasgow Services to show outrage at the unacceptable cuts to further education colleges. Meet at George Square from 11.30am. There’s also a Defend Glasgow Services public meeting and fundraiser on Thursday 27th in Admiral Bar, on Waterloo Street, where there’ll be a speaker from Glasgow Against Education Cuts.

There’s full reports of what happened today at RBS here, here and here.

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