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Support The Free Hetherington

February 6, 2011

photos: Sean Anderson

The occupation of the Hetherington Research Club at Glasgow Uni continues to go from strength to strength. The building is now a fully functioning social and educational space, run democratically through open meetings, and with an ever-expanding list of upcoming meetings, film-showings, quiz nights, discussion groups and more!  The building also has a fully-operational kitchen, offering up an always excellent vegan meal each evening, while teas, coffees and snacks are available (for free/donation) all day!

You can find out more on the new occupation blog here, the facebook page here, and twitter here.

A rally is being held tomorrow, Monday 7 February, at 12 noon outside the occupied space, from which a delegation will be sent to present the following demands to senior management:


  • Maintained freedom of access to the building, on the terms of the occupants.
  • The Hetherington Research Club to be returned to democratic control by students and staff, with the return of the block grant. All those who lost their jobs as a result of the closure should be offered their jobs back.
  • Anton Muscatelli should condemn the cuts and student fees and take the average wage of university staff, or resign.
  • No cuts at Glasgow University. We demand no job cuts, no course cuts, no cuts to student services, no cuts to teaching budgets and an end to the voluntary severance scheme.
  • Glasgow University must become a democratic place of lifelong learning for all residents of Glasgow.
  • We demand investment in higher education and wider public services and an end to the Government’s programme of austerity.

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