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There are three main tasks of this group:

1. Education:
– developing and enacting different modes of education: providing alternatives
– analyzing the cuts agenda and its wider social and political implications
2. Mobilizing:
– contacting and finding those who want to be, or are already, involved in resisting (and overturning the logic of) cuts
– keeping members updated quickly and easily of actions, events, and opportunities
3. Planning:
– training and informing on mass-demonstrations and direct actions,
– coordinating between groups within Glasgow, and also national groups

Our key commitments were:
  • To be multi-political, not apolitical. We act politically: not dogmatically.
  • To build systems of trust between disparate political groups.
  • To act in solidarity with all those under attack.
  • To rotate roles regularly.
  • To meet fortnightly at minimum.
What we would like from you:
  • Ideas of tactics and methods of developing education along a more equitable basis.
  • Ideas on how to resist attacks on the right to demonstrate, and the demonisation of protest in the media.
  • Ideas on how to resist the further devaluing and community destruction in our educational establishments.
  • Volunteers to contact others within their communities, institutions and departments.
  • Volunteers to run lectures on subjects related to pedagogical practice, the history of educational change, the history of protest, the militarization of policing, the marketisation of social activities, the privatisation of our cities.
Our objectives are to:

  • take control of our futures.

This group centers around education as it has become a key battle-ground against the cuts. We wish to invite people from all sectors to be involved.

There are three questions:

  • what can we do for you?
  • what can you do for us?
  • what can we do together?

We stand belong side the unemployed, the underemployed, workers, staff, lecturers and ostracized and minority communities wherever they are.

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